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Start-ups and Solopreneurs

Free Branding course 

Branding for Startups is a collection of powerful tactics that have made big brands world-wide profitable and well positioned. 

Intrapreneurs and Hungry Employees

My Brandworth

My BrandWorth is a course to help you gain self-worth, confidence, and skills you need to shine and become a leader inside the company you are currently working. 

Business Owners and Online Sellers

Inside-Out branding to sell up

Get tools to increase your teams' productivity in less time. The coolest part is you will learn to keep your employees engaged, committed, and motivated. 

Consequently, your brand gains more visibility and your sells climb up up up.



During Carol's big talk she will be delivering Five Powerful Strategies for successful marketing campaigns.





Carol Zurita, with an Engineering in Commerce and Marketing and eight years of experience in marketing and branding, Carol Zurita has built three successful companies in China. 

1. Mr.Licks pets. It is an eCommerce Brand for dogs and owners.  It is the first brand for dog owners who want to look classy and sexy and matching their dogs throughout their word days, dates, and hangouts.

2. Get Powerful Now, Your guide to moving. A series of training, talks, and ultimately a 2019 published book. It is a simple guide to pursue women unleash the best version of themselves. The book is published by Morgan James Publishing in New York.

3. a marketing and branding agency that helps corporations boost their brands and multiply their sales. Carol has helped brands such as Fulfillmen, Coco&Ray, Co-Talk,and tribe Beijing as a few of them. Also, she has developed a strategy that helps companies grow passionate and engaged working teams that not only do a great job but are the main brand ambassadors.


As a result of Carol’s success, she recently got pre-selected as one in the 100 Top Marketing & Advertisement Leaders by the MadCon Dubai 2019. 

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